Addressable Sprinkler Switch Module

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The Addressable Sprinkler Switch Module is a fully monitored device which permits the interfacing of sprinkler switch systems with the Fire Alarm Control panel using normally open dry contact connections while also providing a changeover output relay. The Integrated LED will become Yellow whenever the module is disabled, i.e. the key turned to the ON position, and will become Red when there is an alarm condition at the module’s input.

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The connection to the input is monitored for Fault (open or short circuit) and Alarm conditions. The output relay is powered from the detection loop. Relay will be driven directly by the condition of the Input, i.e. while the input is in Alarm the relay will be activated otherwise it will remain deactivated, but this is only true while the module is not disabled. The interface is used to monitor the contacts of an external sprinkler system which must be interfaced to the Fire Alarm System and simplifies the testing of sprinkler systems attached to fire control panel. It provides means to easily switch OFF alarm condition to the fire panel while showing a clear status indication.

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