FIA - FIM Expo - Sheffield

Aug 28, 2019

Join us at the Fire Industry Association FIM Expo, 16th October 2019 - Sheffield United Stadium - Bramall Lane

We will be displaying our range of products, as well as viewing our current and future systems portfolio, we are keen to collect your feedback to assist in our future decision making. 

Register for FREE here.  At this years show we will be showing the new GEKKO Addressable Panel.

The GEKKO FACP is the successor of the enormously popular JUNIOR panel of which tens of thousands have been installed all over the world.
In line with the architecture chosen for the high end OCTO Plus expandable panel, the GEKKO can have from 1 to 4 addressable. It is housed in a functional ABS plastic enclosure, with only two screws used to close and secure the lid. The graphic backlit LCD display can accommodate any type of custom characters or graphic symbols, allowing multi-language support, as well as pictorial and customisable elements.
It can naturally also communicate with our proprietary Odyssey Graphics Interface. It is also capable to communicate with a Mini Repeater unit, using any of the networking interfaces of the Chameleon protocol.