Signaline HEAT

Signaline HEAT

The Global Fire Equipment range of Conventional & Addressable panel's can be used with Signaline Heat Linear Detection series via interface modules

A versatile heat detection solution with large coverage and a small profile. Signaline HEAT carries international approvals and is ideal for various industrial and commercial buildings.

Signaline Heat Linear Heat Detection is designed to be used in commercial and industrial fire detection systems. Our cables detect heat anywhere along their length and are compatible with both addressable and conventional systems. Signaline Heat Linear Heat Detection is ideal for a wide range of applications. Our cables are split into two ranges; the VdS approved Signaline HD analogue system and the UL/FM approved Signaline FT fixed temperature cables. Common applications include car parks, tunnels, cable trays, conveyors and warehousing. Signaline Heat Linear Heat Detection can also be used in intrinsically safe areas making it suitable for hazardous applications as well.

Signaline HD is an analogue resettable linear heat detector that monitors significant increases in temperature.

An electronic controller connected to the cable monitors the condition of the cable to sense any change in temperature by continually measuring the electrical resistance between the metallic core and screen. If the change in temperature is sufficient the controller creates an alarm.

Signaline Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detector (Signaline FT) detects a build up of heat anywhere along its length. When any point along the length of the cable reaches a predetermined temperature an alarm is initiated.

Signaline FT is available in four different temperature settings and two outer cover options making the Signaline FT suitable for use in a very wide range of applications.