Signaline HD Analogue Linear Heat Detection

Signaline HD, analogue linear heat detector, enters alarm when a significant rise in temperature is detected. Signaline HD linear heat detectors are approved to EN54-5 by VdS.

Signaline HD is an analogue resettable linear heat detector that monitors significant increases in temperature.

An electronic controller connected to the cable monitors the condition of the cable to sense any change in temperature by continually measuring the electrical resistance between the metallic core and screen. If the change in temperature is sufficient the controller creates an alarm.


  • EN54-5 approved
  • Sold in 50m increments, up to 500m per reel
  • Zero maintenance
  • Weather-proof heat detector
  • Fully resettable
  • Addressable and conventional controllers available No setup or programming required
  • Intrinsically safe when integrated with a barrier
  • Up to 300m in a single zone
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